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Why Did Prime Video’s 2022 Queer Period Picture “My Policeman”?

The plot of My Policeman centers on a love triangle between a police officer (Harry Styles), his wife (Emma Corrin and Gina McKee), and a museum curator (David Dawson and Rupert Everett) who falls in love with Tom despite their marriage being legally binding. Most of the events of My Policeman, a gay love story, took place in 1957, when it was still illegal in the United Kingdom for people of the same sex to be together.

Getting “this film” in front of a very young audience is crucial, Grandage says. Indeed, anti-LGBTQ+ hate crimes in the UK have increased year over year, and 64% of the queer population in that country has personally suffered anti-LGBTQ+ violence or abuse. Even though the background from which My Policeman draws is several decades old, a story about LGBT discrimination is unfortunately still all too pertinent in the year 2022.

While this is happening, a record number of anti-queer bills are being presented in the United States. In 2022, the “Don’t Say Gay” law was approved in Florida, while Governor Greg Abbott of Texas launched a vigorous campaign against transgender youngsters. And by the end of April, at least 325 anti-LGBTQ measures had been introduced by Republicans. At now, same-sex relationships are illegal in 69 nations throughout the world. The death penalty applies in chapter 11 if you are gay.

Grandage writes My Policeman to show how living in an oppressive society can have dire consequences for its victims. Grandage says, “I would love for people to absolutely evaluate where we are today with LGBT politics generally in the world, and why it is crucial that we keep moving ahead and never backwards on a sociopolitical level.” “However, I also believe that we need occasionally remind ourselves, when we dwell in such a delicate, vulnerable time, that this is what happens if you prevent people from being free,” says Grandage.


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