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What Killed Leslie Jordan In A Hollywood?

The body of famous actor Leslie Jordan was discovered Monday morning after his car slammed into a house in Hollywood, his agent said. The incident happened at the intersection of Cahuenga Boulevard and Romaine Street at approximately 9:30 a.m., according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

His death was ruled an instant loss of life. The 67-year-old Jordan apparently had a medical issue, according to law enforcement officials who spoke to TMZ. Jordan’s BMW automobile appeared to have incurred minor damage and its airbags had deployed, as shown on CCTV from KTLA.

In addition to his role as Beverly Leslie on “Will & Grace,” Jordan is also well-known for his portrayal of Lonnie Garr in “Hearts Afire.” In addition to his success in “American Horror Story,” “The Cool Kids,” and “Call Me Kat,” he became famous online after posting a series of viral movies that made news during the coronavirus pandemic.

Former ‘Will & Grace’ co-star Sean Hayes tweeted, “My heart is devastated.” “Leslie Jordan was one of the most hilarious coworkers I’ve ever had.” All the people he encountered grew fond of him. Nobody else will ever measure up to him. A rare gift endowed with a generous and kind soul. We’ll miss you, buddy.

Leslie was “very proud of and looking forward to share with the world,” the caption explained, adding “in the following days we will be delivering a preview of that endeavor.” McCormack wrote, “RIP you sweet, hilarious man.” Everyone loved you. Jordan’s Instagram post simply asks followers to “comfort each other at this time” by sharing their own memories of the late star.


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Why Did Episode 9’s “House of the Dragon” prophecy?

The ninth episode of House of the Dragon featured a quick and dramatic ending. The central event of the show was Rhaenys’ daring escape from King’s Landing with the assistance of a dragon. Because we had been warned, it should not have surprised us as much as it did. The issue was that the remarks were made by an insignificant figure.

Let’s put this into context, shall we? Earlier in the episode, after it is (finally) established that King Viserys has died, Queen Alicent searches for her son Aegon to inform him that he will succeed his father as king. Her first stop is with her daughter, Princess Helaena Targaryen, who is also Aegon’s wife and sister, as well as her mother.

Princess Helaena has been described as eccentric in the past. She rarely speaks, and when she does, the words she utters frequently appear to be complete gibberish. She likes to play with insects. In any case, it did so until episode 9, when she made a prediction about how it would end that proved correct. When Alicent goes to see Helaena to tell her about her father’s death, she is interrupted by Helaena whispering, “There is a beast under the boards.”

The truth is that we should have been paying attention to Helaena the entire time. In episode 6, Helaena predicts that her brother Aemond will lose vision in one eye as a result of her mother’s prediction that he will one day own a dragon. In episode 7, she mutters to herself, “He’ll have to close an eye.” She also mutters some poetry that doesn’t seem to make sense, but it may have much more profound implications.

The phrase “Hand turns loom” has several meanings, one of which is that it refers to Otto Hightower, also known as the Hand, who is attempting to arrange a marriage between his daughter and King Viserys. The green and black spools could represent opposing forces in a future battle (Rhaenyra and Alicent), while the dragons could represent an event that will occur during the conflict. What, if anything, does it mean when people talk about “dragons of thread”? Is it possible he’s making a satirical reference to Rhaenyra’s sons, who are portrayed as Targaryens in the show?


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Why Did Olivia Wilde Get An “Ultimatum” She Decided On Florence.”?

Shia LaBeouf’s expulsion from “Don’t Worry, Darling” is still a claim Olivia Wilde stands by, this time claiming Florence Pugh was the reason for his “ultimatum” to her. “As the director, I tried to arbitrate a situation early on in the making of the picture to try to see if individuals could work together peacefully,” Wilde said. “Once it was evident that we could not continue working together, I was offered a stark choice. I’m glad I got to pick my own actress.

Shia needed to be swapped out. The film’s director, 38, claimed on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday that although the actor was excellent, the script just wasn’t going to work. I selected Florence when he gave me the choice between him and him, he said. She responded to LaBeouf’s assertion that Wilde had pleaded with him to continue working on the film, saying, “That was him feeling he was stepping away and me feeling that we were moving on without him.

Was I disappointed that we couldn’t make things work at the time? Yes. Did anything more turn up about him later that reassured me we’d made the proper choice? It was “taken out of context,” she said, because video showing her pleading with LeBoeuf, then 36, to remain in the film. When questioned if it was possible that she and LaBeouf were both telling the truth and there was only confusion, Wilde answered it was a “matter of semantics.” She explained that “it wasn’t going to move forward in a way he wanted it to,” therefore he had to leave. Wilde and Pugh were rumored to have had a rocky relationship, but the director had nothing but praise for the 26-year-old actress.

Having met on the set of the psychological thriller, Wilde and the 28-year-old “Watermelon Sugar” singer started dating soon after her and Jason Sudeikis’ relationship ended. The director and the 47-year-old star of “Ted Lasso” are embroiled in a vicious custody dispute over their two children, Otis, 8, and Daisy, 5. Wilde said Variety that she fired LaBeouf in order to “protect” Pugh, which prompted LaBeouf to make his accusations. He had been accused of abuse in the past, and in early 2021 he decided to get help.


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What Has Khloé Kardashian Done About the Birth of his Son?

Khloé and Tristan Thompson’s baby appeared on “The Kardashians” season 2 premiere.Kim Kardashian joined her sister, 38, and Thompson’s surrogate at the hospital on Thursday’s episode.

As he arrived, the 41-year-old founder of KKW Beauty squealed from behind the camera, “Oh my god, he looks just like True!” She was referring to Khloé’s 4-year-old daughter.Thompson, however, was not there when the baby was born in July. Khloé patted the crying baby’s back and stroked his head when he was put in her arms.

Khloé gushed in an interview, “I’m really grateful, her second child. “It’s a wonderful blessing that we may enjoy.”Since December,” she said, “it’s been this terrible cloud towering over me every day”; she was referring to Thompson’s infidelity with Maralee Nichols last year, which resulted in the conception of their child.

The ex-“Celebrity Apprentice” contestant said, “Now that my son is here, I get to go on, and I get to enjoy. I was feeling unhappy and sad. That event can finally be put to rest, and I can begin to heal and move on from the trauma I endured.”finally get[ting] to start the healing process and… start enjoying life with two kids,” Khloé exclaimed.

Kim Kardashian raved over her nephew in an interview, saying that she gave him his “first kiss” and that he “looks like True.” Kylie Jenner, on the other hand, told a pal on the phone that her kid has a “forever friend” in her nephew. At the same time, Khloé remarked, “he has loads of hair.”

A reluctant Khloé eventually agreed to have Thompson join her and her son in the hospital. She justified her presence by saying, “Tristan wants to be here so I figured why not.” Authorization to admit him is hereby granted. This is a chance he’ll never have again.


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Why Did Hellraiser’s Director and New Pinhead Talk About the Hulu Film?

Fans of Clive Barker’s horror franchise are curious about how the director of the upcoming Hellraiser film, which will be helmed by David Bruckner and will make its premiere on Hulu the following month, would differentiate his film from the many others that have come before it in the series. The decision to cast Jamie Clayton as the demonic adversary Pinhead in the 11th Hellraiser film marks a considerable departure from the tone and style of the films that came before it.

As someone who has been a fan of the Hellraiser movie franchise for a significant amount of time, I can speak to the fact that it is easy to get carried away with the desire to reproduce each and every iconic sequence from the first two films. Remember that you have a responsibility to the story as a whole, even though it is common for you to act on muse-like impulses when writing. Because stories have a habit of leading you in unexpected areas, you have no choice but to put your faith in your muse when you’re writing one of these brand-new stories each time. In my opinion, Hellraiser is representative of a mindset that is open to new experiences, encourages the development of new technologies, and is always up for a little bit of insanity.

We set out to find a solution that would please longstanding fans while also being interesting to new eyes, with the goal of using this as a vehicle to bring new people to the back catalog of the brand. I believe that to be an excellent suggestion. If you were to do that, it would make my day. It has been said by David Bruckner. Additionally, from Jamie Clayton, here is Before I filmed any of the big moments, David and I had a number of conversations regarding the story’s objective, the Priest’s feelings and thoughts, and other similar aspects of the plot and characters. That will remain between the two of us, but he did show me his favorite part of the movie when it was still in its original form, and I was able to recall it.

It was helpful due to the fact that it was essentially just a mood or a concept. This immaterial idea served as one of the many colors that we blended together to produce this masterpiece. In any event, I think that wraps up everything. The fact of the matter is, though, that all I really wanted to do was make it my own. The plan’s goal was to do that. The purpose of even choosing a woman was to save the audience member the work of attempting to find parallels between the two depictions, which were obviously meant to be very different from the beginning. Selecting a woman was done for this specific reason.

My voice stemmed from the fact that I wanted to perform a voice for fun on my audition tape, which is where the voice originated from. During the reaction, we toyed around with the volume level as well as the manner in which the sound was being projected. Even while we were really [filming] in Serbia, there was a time when we had a chat in which I said, “Maybe I’m not even going to do as much as I’ve been doing.” (Maybe I’m not even going to do as much as I’ve been doing.) On the other hand, because the neck piece is so restrictive, I can only continue with the actions that I have already undertaken. After putting on [the costume], I found that I was restricted in my movement and unable to take a full breath; thus, I felt as though everything had settled in the back of my throat.

We have only recently found it, and upon opening it, we have found a treasure trove of varied meanings, ranging from despondency to sensuality. We looked in there and found the aforementioned items. This overarching concept was the focus of a great many conversations. It was very evident to him that this was a continuation of the first Hellraiser as well as a divergence from what came before it. Even before he got a chance to look at the concepts, he informed me, “We’ve had to find a new way to execute some of this; circumstances have changed, and the spirit of it has to be reinvigorated.” As a result, I have high hopes that this is a target that we were able to accomplish. On the other hand, I am grateful to him for taking the time to speak with me, and it is a joy to work together with him. We were the lucky ones to benefit from his extraordinary generosity. Hellraiser has been made available on Hulu in a one-and-only capacity as of Monday, October 7th.

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