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What Made Kate Upton’s Crazy Astro’s Win Outfit Go Viral?

On Sunday night, as the Houston Astros eliminated the New York Yankees from the playoffs with a three-game sweep, all eyes were on Kate Upton and her outrageous costume. Justin Verlander, the team’s starting pitcher, was instrumental in their success, turning in his third Cy Young-caliber season despite being 39 years old.

A few short years ago, it appeared that his body would eventually give out on him. Not so. He had such a great 2022 season that he plans to forego the second year of his contract and seek greater compensation this coming summer despite being on the cusp of turning 40. Verlander has had a great year. On Sunday night, he deserved to be congratulated. And Upton, his dressed-up wife, was there as well.

That’s the kind of thing that makes you incredibly happy to see. This isn’t the first time Upton’s wardrobe has made headlines in recent weeks. It seems like nothing good has happened to her recently, what with her racy pool video and her wild summer photographs. Upton will be featured prominently in the coming weeks as the Astros prepare to compete in their fourth World Series in six years.

Gleyber Torres and Isiah Kiner-Falefa, New York’s middle infielders, had a chance to conclude the seventh inning with a double play, but they botched the play. New York led, 5-4. Only time will tell if the Philadelphia Phillies suffer the same fate. Whatever the outcome, you can count on Upton to support her boo and grab headlines in her signature style.

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Why Did A Kenyan Police Kill A Pakistani Journalist?

Police in Kenya announced on Monday that they shot and killed a top Pakistani journalist who had been living in hiding in the country after his car rushed through a roadblock. Kenyan law enforcement has apologized for the incident, explaining that it resulted from a “mistaken identification” when officers were searching for a similar vehicle linked to a child abduction.

The 50-year-old Arshad Sharif fled Pakistan in July to escape prosecution for criticizing the country’s powerful military. Despite Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s repeated assertions that he supports press freedom, he was also a critic of the administration. Officers gave them multiple warnings to slow down, but the two continued to speed. When asked by authorities, “they did not halt and continued the journey,” the suspects gave a standard response. When police began firing and giving chase, the automobile flipped.

Dozens of journalists demonstrated in Islamabad later on Monday to protest Sharif’s murder and to call for his immediate and fair trial. Likewise, the Kenyan police department released a statement expressing their sorrow and sympathy to the journalist’s loved ones. For a very long time, Pakistan was a dangerous place for journalists. On the Committee to Protect Journalists’ annual Global Impunity Index, which ranks nations where journalists are frequently slain and the attackers go free, it was ranked ninth in 2020.


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How Will Rishi Sunak Become UK Prime Minister?

Sunak is the first person of color to hold the office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In addition to becoming the first person of Asian origin to hold this position, Sunak is also the first person of color to hold this position. And considering the age of the leader who came before him was approximately 200 years older, his age of 42 makes him the youngest person ever to hold the position of Prime Minister.

To say that Sunak’s journey to political prominence in Britain has been nothing short of spectacular would be a gross understatement. Sunak’s rise has been nothing short of extraordinary. After spending a significant portion of his life working in banking, he was elected to Parliament in 2015. Less than half a year later, Boris Johnson appointed him to the position of finance minister, which is more formally known as chancellor of the Exchequer. Prior to his election, he worked in the banking industry for a significant portion of his life.

In the most recent election for the leadership of the United Kingdom, this candidate, who is considered to be moderate and pragmatic, has emerged as the undisputed front-runner. This comes as a result of Liz Truss’s radical proposals for tax cuts and expenditure cuts, which have shaken the trust of the government and spooked market participants.

Theresa May may be succeeded as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by Rishi Sunak, who has a good chance of winning the election. This is as a result of the fact that the two main candidates who were considered his competitors in the race to succeed Theresa May as the leader of the Conservative Party both withdrew from the race prior to the first ballot being cast. This allowed him to win the race and become the new leader of the Conservative Party.


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What is The Real Truth Behind Travis Scot Cheating Rumor?

Travis Scott called to deny that he was seen with Rojean Kar, a woman who had been linked to him before his romance with Kylie Jenner. Rapper addressed the “strange s-t” late on Saturday via his Instagram Story in response to the Instagram model’s purported proof that they were recently on the same set of one of his works.

I was directing a video and someone was taking pictures without permission, he said. No, I’m not familiar with this individual. I have never dated this individual before. Later, Scott (then 31) appears to have requested Kar (then 27) to “stop with the continuous computer games and the false narrative telling. Even before the musician started dating Jenner, 25, with whom he shares two children, they were supposedly linked in 2013.

Internet detective work over the years has uncovered hints that suggest Scott and Kar never severed all relations. The model called the rumors that she played a role in his 2019 temporary break from Jenner “a false narrative.”

Then, just recently, Kar shared an Instagram Story video in which she appears to be the director of a music video shoot. Scott was a blurry presence in the backdrop. “I’m directing obviously,” she proclaimed at the top of the video.

Scott, possibly unwittingly, seemed to back up the aforementioned scenario when he shared his own photo from the same shoot. He initially disputed Kar’s accusation and that he even knew who she was, but the model afterwards re-posted his statement and responded with a string of suspicious videos.

I can guarantee you this: “We will not, under any circumstances, lie to me. She later admitted that she had “pretended not to know you,” agreeing to “any f-king narrative,” regardless of how much nonsense she could have gleaned from it.

When everyone has seen you with me, when I have pictures and videos of you with me, how can you claim that you don’t know me and that you’ve never been with me? Get real. I implore you, sir, to proceed.

Kar claimed that she “was invited to the video shoot,” without specifying who had extended the invitation. She also claimed that she “had never taken a sneak picture in [her] f-king life.” Should I have put that up there? No. Can you describe the messiness? That’s right,” she finally said.

The model claimed she was with Scott on Valentine’s Day, stating, “I bolted out the f–king door, and you had every single female I knew blowing me up like, ‘Travis is asking for you. Return. Are we denying that too?”

“You cheat on that girl every f–king night,” she said. The city knows! Don’t.” Kar reiterated her denial that she was the “mistress” from “a few years ago,” saying she was not “the reason that anything transpired between [Scott and Jenner].”

“But nothing he’s saying right now is true,” she said.“All this stuff is silly, the internet doesn’t matter and I hope you guys simply remember that none of it is the real world,” Kar said. “The only person the internet is real world for is Ms. Jenner because that’s how she f–king eats.”

Scott shared (and removed) a photo of a dining room table prepared for a meal and decorated with flowers on Feb. 14 at 8:09 p.m. on Sunday in response to Kar’s Valentine’s Day claim.

“If u wasn’t at this table on V day then u wasn’t with me,” he commented over the image, hinting he spent the evening with Jenner alone.

Kar then posted texts claiming she and the rapper attended the same event later that night.

“Maybe your brain is all jumbled from like all the Molly you take.. but you was at Gunna’s party on Feb 14th aka Valentine’s Day,” she wrote, adding that she “had 10 missed call[s] from [Scott’s] buddies… [as] soon as [she] left.”

Scott posted and deleted a message from a lady who stated she had “been working with travis for 8 years” and “was on set all day as he was directing a video for another artist.”She said Kar “was not there with him” and was “delusional.”He never fcks her. “Nothing else,” the woman concluded.


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Why Was Simona Halep Banned For Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

Simona Halep, a two-time women’s singles champion, tested positive for a trace amount of the prohibited substance Roxadustat at the 2022 U.S. Open. In 2018, Halep won the French Open, and in 2019, she won Wimbledon. Tennis fans across the world were shocked to learn that Simona Halep, a two-time Grand Slam champion and former world No. 1 from Romania, had tested positive for a banned drug and been provisionally suspended as the weekend began.

Starting today, I begin the most difficult match of my life: my search for the truth. It was the biggest shock of my life to learn that I tested positive for a drug called Roxadustat in an extraordinarily low proportion,” Halep wrote on her social media platforms. In her defense, Halep has vowed to “fight to the end” until her name is cleared.

I never even entertained the idea of cheating because it goes against everything I was taught. Actress Anamaria Marinca, 31, released a statement in which she said, “I am deeply perplexed and duped by this terrible condition.” I’ll go to the end of the earth proving I never intentionally ingested any illegal chemical, she declared.

In August of 2022, when I will be competing in the US Open, “The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) currently has Halep ranked ninth in the world. She gave a sample…

“In depth analysis of the A sample revealed the presence of FG-4592 (Roxadustat), a substance that will be on the 2022 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List. When there are AAFs for compounds that aren’t on the list, the ITIA mandates an immediate suspension.

After Halep “asked that the B sample be tested,” the ITIA confirmed their initial finding with the B sample. The player is not allowed to participate in or even watch sanctioned tennis events while on provisional ban.


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Why Did Timberwolves’ Gobert Reunion End In Defeat To Jazz?

Jarred Vanderbilt (14 rebounds) and Malik Beasley (15 points) made huge contributions in a game against their former team. In the pregame introductions, Walker Kessler was presented among the other two players and earned a standing ovation from the fans. Walker Kessler was a rookie who played for Minnesota for exactly one week between the draft and a subsequent trade. Rudy Gobert stole the ball from Karl-Anthony Towns in the paint with 34 seconds left in overtime, and he then soared to an open hoop for what would have been a tying slam for Minnesota.

Towns’ shooting % stands at.560 after two games with 11 made field goals and 7 assists. The sixth member of the team, Kyle Anderson, played for 38 seconds before leaving due to back spasms. He got up from the bench and never came back. The scoreboard surprised me by being more accurate than I had anticipated, despite my first suspicions. Gobert asserted that he “never once” had any doubts about his allegiance to the opposing team.

The Jazz made a lot of adjustments throughout the offseason, including the trade of Gobert to the Timberwolves in exchange for four players and five first-round picks. Clarkson, Conley, and Rudy Gay, three of Gobert’s close friends who he had eaten with the night before, remained on the team, but the rest of the group was new to the 7-foot-1 Frenchman who had played his first nine NBA seasons in Utah.

Just short of the basket, Mike Conley blocked his close friend and former coworker to keep the Utah Jazz’s winning streak going. Jordan Clarkson led the Jazz to a 132-126 victory over Gobert and the Timberwolves on Friday night by scoring 29 points while shooting 7 of 12 from beyond the arc. Lauri Markkanen, who finished with 24 points and 13 rebounds, nailed a layup in the paint with 12 seconds left in overtime to give the Jazz a four-point lead.


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What Is Happening To Hu Jintao Now?

When Hu was in charge, so-called collective leadership was still in effect, and he had to compete with Jiang Zemin’s enormous sway over the country. Xi has since eclipsed Hu in terms of power. Hu presided over a period in which corruption increased, along with other potentially destabilizing trends, such as greater online freedom of speech and, to a lesser extent, the growth of civil society organisations and NGOs.

It wasn’t because Hu was particularly liberal, but rather because most party members were preoccupied with making money rather than maintaining the party position. On the final day of China’s 20th Party Congress, a rare and horrifying live drama played out that shocked the world. Former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader and Vice President Hu Jintao was formally led out of the Party Congress by his aides just before the session’s final votes, looking bewildered and furious.

Since resigning as CCP head in 2012—a move that was widely celebrated by party media and stood in stark contrast to Xi’s own rise to power—Hu has stayed mainly out of the spotlight. Xi has imprisoned several of his former associates, most notably his chief advisor Ling Jihua in 2015. There was a political axis connected to Hu that consisted of other ex-Communist Youth League officials.

Regardless of what transpired with Hu, Xi’s dominance will become more apparent on Sunday. Li Keqiang, the current premier and Hu’s protege, as well as other relative economic reformers like Wang Yang and Liu He are absent from the initial list of Central Committee names—the roughly 200 individuals who will ostensibly decide the Standing Committee, the core of the leadership, in meetings on Saturday and announce it on Sunday. This implies that close Xi friends will likely make up the majority of the Standing Committee.

Observers of China started making jokes about the “golden age of liberalism under Hu Jintao” around 2013. Even as civil society advanced slowly and shakily at the time, it seemed ludicrous that such a politically conservative era could be thought of in that way. It lost a great deal of its humor during the ensuing ten years. Hu’s era today appears absurdly free and open in comparison—and has been handed a horrible ending.


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What Is Buccaneers After Christian McCaffrey Trade?

The Carolina Panthers, a division rival of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, dealt their best player (of an admittedly inferior team) Christian McCaffrey to the San Francisco 49ers late Thursday night for a slew of draft picks, none of which are first-rounders. This deal still has consequences for the Buccaneers even though they didn’t take part in it.

As we’ve already established, the Panthers are the Bucs’ division rivals. They are also the opponent the Buccaneers will face this coming Sunday in a game that has become crucial despite the (perceived) disparity in skill levels between the two teams. Suddenly, the Bucs have a significant advantage, at least on paper, thanks to this stunning development.

But things change once they enter the postseason. Once the Niners get well, they suddenly look like even bigger title challengers. They, along with the previously mentioned perfect Eagles, pose the greatest challenge to the Buccaneers’ chances of reaching Super Bowl LVII.

Before talking Super Bowl, the Bucs need to get their own house in order. Thankfully, Tom Brady is leading the offense. But then there’s the reality that the club he grew up supporting for just improved offensively, and the cloud of his upcoming unrestricted free agency at the end of the season.

However, let’s take things slowly. The deal for Christian McCaffrey is wonderful news for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the near term. Looking ahead, the future holds some promise of further drama.


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What Are Westworld & Peripheral: Shared Universe?

Both feature dystopian futures set in the near future, are based on well-known science fiction works, feature hyper-realistic androids masquerading as humans, and are known to give audiences migraines. Considering how similar they are, it’s only logical to wonder if The Peripheral and Westworld take place in the same universe.

As far as the government is concerned, the answer is a resounding “no.” Despite the similarities in tone between The Peripheral and Westworld, there is no concrete evidence that the two shows are related. Both the Amazon Prime Video adaptation of William Gibson’s 2014 novel The Peripheral and the HBO adaptation of Michael Crichton’s 1973 film Westworld are very different from each other. The similarities are more noticeable in the adaptation than in the original work.

Is it conceivable, canonically speaking, for The Peripheral and Westworld to share a universe even if they don’t? Do their backstories and present-day happenings mesh well enough for readers to accept that they’re really one story? Don’t think so; that’s not the case at all. The first two episodes of The Peripheral establish that the planet is mostly intact in the year 2032. (albeit rapidly falling apart). After an apocalyptic event in the year 2042, by the year 2099, a reconstructed London populated by nanobots and adorned with enormous sculptures of historical figures has risen from the ashes.

The Peripheral provides a chance to correct the errors. Similar ideas are presented in both episodes, along with a new set of puzzling puzzles and questions about the world we live in. With nothing to lose, the show can focus on its characters instead of becoming mired down in trying to out-twist itself and defy Reddit theories, as was the case with Westworld. Early episodes of The Peripheral look promise in this sense, providing ample character moments for both Chlo Grace Moretz’s Flynne and Jack Reynor’s Burton while also resolving a number of important questions about time travel almost immediately.


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Why Did Steve Bannon Get 4 Months For Violating House rules. 6?

Bannon ignored the commission looking into the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, when they asked for papers and testimony from him. Members of the House Select Committee questioned him about his prediction that “all hell is going to break loose tomorrow” the day before the siege began.

Prosecutors in the federal government wanted a “severe” punishment of six months in jail and a $200,000 fine. Court documents filed earlier this week accused Bannon of employing “a bad faith campaign of resistance and contempt.” Prosecutor J.P. Cooney said that before Bannon’s sentence on January 6, he refused to comply with the probation office and wouldn’t hand over a single document to the committee investigating his case.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was found guilty of criminal contempt of Congress and sentenced to four months in prison and a fine of $6,500. The court has indicated that he is willing to allow Bannon to remain free pending the outcome of his appeal since he does not believe Bannon will abscond or be a threat to the community while he is appealing his convictions.

After his indictment the previous year, Bannon vowed to reporters, “This will be the worst misdemeanor for Merrick Garland, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden.” Things did not turn out as expected. Bannon presented no defense during his July trial, and the jury took less than three hours to find him guilty.

Lawyers for Bannon have argued that a prison term would be inappropriate because their client does not accept that he has done anything illegal. They claim that Bannon was acting on the advice of his former lawyer.

Should someone who has spent their lives as a naval officer, investment banker, business leader, and Presidential advisor listening to the advice of experts land in jail for doing what his lawyers tell him to do? argued Evan Corcoran and David Schoen, attorneys for Bannon, in a court filing.

Navarro stayed with the administration for years while Bannon resigned in 2017 due to his disagreements with then-President Trump. Navarro is defending himself by arguing that Trump has the right to invoke executive privilege and that Justice Department memoranda safeguard the privacy of counsel given to presidents by their advisors.


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