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What Is The Position Of The First Trans Pop Star On USA And UK Charts?

With their single Unholy, Kim Petras and Sam Smith created history by topping the Billboard Hot 100. Unholy is the first song ever by a trans woman and a non-binary musician to reach number one in the US and the UK, making it a historic accomplishment for both artists (Unholy just celebrated its fourth week at number one in Britain). We’ve all known Sam Smith for years, but Kim Petras might have slipped your notice if you don’t keep an eye on the music industry. You may find out anything you ever wanted to know about Kim Petras’ identity and professional history right here!

Since Kim Petras went to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue her dream of becoming a pop star, she picked up the local accent and you could not even realize that she is originally from Germany. Kim Petras made news throughout the world prior to her musical career when she was apparently the youngest person to undergo sex reassignment surgery. She was even interviewed by Phillip Schofield on This Morning in 2009.

She has always wanted to be a famous singer, and she has been actively pursuing that ambition since since she was a young girl. When asked how she felt after making the transition at such a young age, Kim Petras replied, “I have always felt like a woman; I just ended up in the wrong body.” Her parents have always been completely on board with her gender exploration, as they should be with any youngster.

Kim tweeted, “It’s ok if u want to listen to the leaks… the album leaked in its entirety, so feel free to listen to it if you want to get a sense of how horrible things must be.” I’m screwed because I can’t release any new music anyway. After hearing the entire record, I can confidently say that Republic Records has robbed their customers.

The record-breaking success of Unholy featuring Sam Smith has turned the tables, however, and Kim is once again riding high. The fact that her single reached number one in both the United Kingdom and the United States is absolutely ridiculous and should convince her record label that she is a bona fide superstar. Her upcoming single is available for preorder now. Jesus Christ is Totally Awesome.


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