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Why Did The Former Indianapolis Pitcher Randy Johnson Turn A Professional Photographer?

According to his website, Johnson attended USC to study photojournalism in 1983 and 1985. According to his old Tumblr’s bio, he also worked as a photographer in college for the Daily Trojan and a local Los Angeles rock magazine. In an interview conducted in April of 2022, Johnson said that the COVID-19 outbreak had prevented him from taking many photographs.

And in case you were wondering, Johnson’s photography business employs a logo of a dead bird, which is a nod to the time a bird had a particularly unfortunate flight path while Johnson was pitching. Since the legendary pitcher’s retirement in 2009, Randy Johnson’s interest in photography has been well reported. In addition to having his own portfolio website and being featured on his Diamondbacks front office bio page, Johnson’s second career has been the subject of at least two pieces in MLB and one in the NFL.

During a game on December 4, 2011, between the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals, Johnson was featured in an article produced by the NFL. The Associated Press snapped the now-iconic photo at the game in question, and it may be viewed there. United Press International (UPI) and Zuma Press also captured images of Johnson in action during the game. Besides that one 2011 event, VERIFY was unable to locate any additional instances in which Johnson served as the official photographer for an NFL game.

Johnson has shot for at least one NASCAR race and one NHRA drag racing event, according to his old, now-defunct Tumblr site dedicated to photography. A new shot of Johnson, though, has gone popular for an altogether different reason; it depicts him at work as a professional photographer at an NFL game. The initial tweet claiming Johnson is now a professional photographer who works NFL games earned over 75,000 likes in less than four hours. The tweet was so popular that ESPN retweeted it on its own account, and the accompanying image was trending on Reddit as well.


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