What Are Some of the Achievements of the Late Hilary Mantel?

Booker Prize winner and author of the acclaimed “Wolf Hall” trilogy, Hilary Mantel has passed away. Her works made the intrigue of Tudor power politics into riveting reading. The woman had reached the age of seventy. Publisher HarperCollins said Mantel died “suddenly and quietly” surrounded by family and friends.

With her novels “Wolf Hall” and “Two Sisters, Mantel is credited with breathing new life into the historical fiction genre with her portrayal of Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s trusted right-hand man in the 16th century. Mantel was “one of the century’s best English authors.

Her cherished books have quickly become classics in the current era. No one can replace her.The Booker Prize was awarded to Mantel not once, but twice, first for “Wolf Hall” in 2009 and then for “Bring Up the Bodies,” the sequel to “Wolf Hall.” Both have been reworked for the stage and the small screen.

Before writing “Wolf Hall,” Mantel was a novelist whose works were well received by critics but sold only modest numbers of copies. Her books covered a wide range of topics, from the French Revolution (“A Place of Greater Safety”) to the life of a psychic medium (“Beyond Black”).

In addition, she penned a memoir titled “Giving Up the Ghost,” in which she discussed her struggles with health for many years, particularly with the untreated endometriosis that rendered her infertile. She had always wanted to be a lawyer, but says that being sick for so long turned her into a writer instead.

The publication of Mantel’s novel on Cromwell propelled her to literary fame. She transformed the mysterious political fixer of the Tudor age into a multifaceted, fascinating, and at times thuggish literary figure.

Cromwell, a self-made man who rose from poverty to power, was a key figure in the Reformation and was responsible for the king’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon and marriage to Anne Boleyn, as well as the king’s subsequent divorce from Boleyn and marriage to Jane Seymour (the third of Henry’s six wives).

Henry VIII, frustrated by the Vatican’s reluctance to annul his previous marriage, set himself up as head of the Church of England. The historic time, which saw England’s transition from a Roman Catholic to a Protestant nation, a medieval kingdom to an emerging modern state, has inspired countless books, films, and television series, from “A Man for All Seasons” to “The Tudors.

But Mantel does an impressive job of making the classic tale riveting and suspenseful.

I think a historical fiction should be written with an eye toward the future,” she told the Associated Press in 2009. Keep in mind that the people you are following couldn’t have predicted the outcome of their own story. In other words, they were making progress day by day, despite being pushed and jostled by circumstances, doing the best they could, but effectively traveling in the dark.

In 2014, Queen Elizabeth II bestowed to Mantel the title of dame, the female equivalent of the male knighthood. The spouse of Mantel has confirmed her death. This is Gerald McEwen.

Source : Wikiasks.com

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