What is the Reason For the Firing of the of the LA News Anchor?

A Los Angeles news anchor reportedly lost his job after criticizing his own station on live for its handling of his former co-sudden anchor’s exit from the program.

A number of KTLA staffers informed the Los Angeles Times that Mark Mester was suspended and eventually fired after he gave an unexpected, off-the-cuff defense of former co-anchor and friend Lynette Romero, who was not given the opportunity to say farewell on air.

On Thursday, the station manager reportedly gave a brief speech in which he informed the newsroom staff of the firing. The reason for Mester’s dismissal is a segment in which he stated it was “unfortunate” that the station didn’t offer Romero a “proper goodbye,” in which he referred to her as his “best friend.”

On Saturday, Mester stated to the audience, “I want to start off right now by delivering an apologies to you.” We sincerely apologize for the nasty, cruel, and inexcusable treatment that the viewers received.

Lynette Romero, “I love you so much, you’re my dearest friend. You didn’t deserve what happened to you”. Mester announced during the monologue that a plane was flying over the station with a message of thanks for Romero. According to the LA Times, Mester chartered a jet with a banner that said “We love you Lynette.”

Mester planned to incorporate the plane footage in a goodbye compilation, the newspaper reported.

Staffers told the LA Times that producers drafted a script for Mester to read about Romero, but he went rogue, stating he was horrified she wasn’t given air time to announce her departure. Mester responded defiantly, “We’ll treat you with decency and grace, like this station should have from the start.” You didn’t deserve this, we’re sorry, it was a mistake, and we hope you’ll forgive us,” said Mester.

Romero, a 24-year station veteran, quit after asking to work weekdays instead of weekends, the LA Times claimed. Romero tweeted last week, “I’ll always be grateful for LA viewers’ love.” I’ll be back soon, buddies.

Mester was concerned by the way in which KTLA initially paid tribute to Romero on September 14, when reporter Sam Rubin stated that Romero “had decided to move on from anchoring our weekend morning news.” Mester felt that this statement was inappropriate.

Rubin told the LA Times that KTLA management tried hard to keep her. “Lynette left for a new job” We hoped she’d record a goodbye message, but she declined. Lynette was a great KTLA employee, and we wish her and her family well.

Source: Wikiasks.com

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