Why Did Prince Harry Skip King Charles III’s Banquet ?

The Duke of Sussex, also known as Prince Harry, did not eat supper with King Charles III and his brother the Prince of Wales at Balmoral because the new monarch disallowed Meghan Markle to be present with the grieving Royal Family on the day that Queen Elizabeth II passed away. This was because Meghan Markle was engaged to the Duke of Sussex. Reportedly, Prince Harry wanted his wife to accompany him and the rest of the royal family as they went to the Scottish estate on September 8 to say their final goodbyes to Queen Elizabeth. The royal family was preparing to say their final goodbyes to the monarch.

On the other hand, there are claims that the newly crowned King of Britain spoke to his youngest son over the phone and told him that it was “not appropriate” for the former actress from Suits to be there. Because he was trying to convince his father to let him, his uncles Andrew and Edward, and he go to Scotland with him instead of Meghan, he missed the flight that was transporting William, his uncles Andrew and Edward, and Meghan to Scotland. In addition, he missed the flight because he was trying to persuade Meghan’s father to let him marry Meghan.

It is believed that Prince Harry was irate about the turnaround scenario because he had missed his initial flight, and it is also said that he declined to eat supper that night with Prince Charles, Prince William, and Queen Consort Camilla. Both of these rumors are based on the belief that he was angry about missing his initial flight. This was due to the fact that Prince Harry had missed his very first flight. It was very vital for him to have dinner with the Duke of York, as well as the Earl and Countess of Wessex, before leaving first thing in the morning the following day.

Because he was too distracted with the argument with his family as well as his efforts to get Meghan to Balmoral, Prince Harry was unable to board the jet as it took off. Whenever Harry is in the area, Charles is happy to have lunch with him. Harry is invited. Harry is welcome to come to Charles’s house whenever he likes. On the other side, Harry was so enraged that he refused to eat dinner with his brother and father, despite the fact that he was starving. This was the most inconsiderate thing that could have been done. In addition to this, he hastily left Balmoral in order to board the very first commercial flight back to London from Scotland.

According to the source, Prince Harry was the first member of the Royal Family to go, and he did so by flying out of Aberdeen early in the morning on an aircraft operated by British Airways. He was the first member of the Royal Family to depart. After arriving at the Aberdeen Airport at 9:20 in the morning, he caught a flight to London at 10 o’clock that same morning. Prior to this, about two years ago, Prince Harry and his duchess made news when they abruptly resigned from their royal duties and went from the state of California to the United Kingdom.

Source: https://www.wikiasks.com

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