Why is everyone asking if U.S. President Joe Biden will contest for 2024 election after his Speech at the UN Summit.

Following his speech at the Global Fund Conference in New York, Biden, 79, began to awkwardly walk off stage.

On Wednesday night, after delivering a speech at the Global Fund Conference, 79-year-old Joe Biden appeared to become disoriented and walk in the wrong direction as he attempted to leave the stage.

The president of the United States started to leave the platform as cheers erupted, but then he stopped and looked about rather perplexed.

He stammered offstage and appeared to seek bystanders for directions.

The video of Biden’s clumsy sidesteps quickly went viral online, adding to widespread skepticism about his health and mental aptitude for the president. During an interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday, Biden dismissed rumors that he was too old or unsuited to run for president again in 2024, saying, “Watch me.”

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas tweeted that the scenario was “terrifying,” and his communications director Steve Guest added, “Joe Biden seems absolutely confused on stage.” Sad and frightful.

A guy milling about the platform approached the microphone and said, “Uh, Mr. President, thank you.”

This threw the president for a loop, and he walked off the platform very gingerly, pausing every few paces to look back at the speaker and express his appreciation for his leadership and thoughts.

A recent poll found that 59% of Americans are either “extremely” or “somewhat” concerned about the president’s mental health, suggesting that many do not believe Biden is qualified for the position.

In response to claims that he is too old and unsuited to be president, Biden firmly dismissed those claims.

CBS journalist Scott Pelley said, “Some people say you are unsuitable for the position, and when you hear that, I wonder what you think.”

The U.S. president at the time said, “Watch me.” Truthfully, it sums up the entirety of my mental state at the moment.

“If you don’t believe I have the energy level or the mental sharpness, then you know, that’s one thing,” he remarked. It’s something else, you know, just keep an eye on things and respect my routine. Follow my lead.

The speaker went on to remark, “I respect the idea that somebody would say, you know, ‘You’re elderly.’ However, I believe it is related to how active you are and if the work you are doing is something that anyone of any age would be able to perform.

Source: Wikiasks.com

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