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Why Did SVU’s Tragic Crossover Return, And Was Less Worried?

Kelli Giddish’s portrayal grew more powerful as her character’s suffering and anxiety came to light. Since the reveal of her destiny took so long, many viewers were probably reminded that this season is Rollins’ last appearance. The first-ever three-part Law & Order franchise crossover show on NBC featured characters from the original Law & Order, Organized Crime, and, of course, the Special Victims Unit. Despite the importance of the crossover, Kelli Giddish’s impending departure from her role as Amanda Rollins has received the most attention this summer.

Rollins’ future caused me a lot of worry before the brutal and terrible season premiere, but now I’m much more at peace knowing that she will be killed off in the first half of Season 24. In the third hour of the crossover event, Rollins’ initially simple task of caring for a sex trafficking victim in the safe home got aggressive and upsetting. The situation rapidly deteriorated as she and another cop left the building to bring the child back into the city when a large number of shooters suddenly materialized. And Rollins received a chest shot as payment for her efforts to shield tiny Nicole. Since Rollins made the decision on her own and it was such a terrible and painful turn for her, I’m alright with her leaving Special Victims. That choice wouldn’t include doing anything to offend Carisi, but I can’t say for sure what it would be. The future whereabouts of Peter Scanavino are not yet known.

For the benefit of her daughters, I can see her leaving active duty, but that would be very similar to how SVU portrayed Kat at the beginning of Season 23. (The actress is willing to return, but she decided to depart after coming close to passing away on the field from a gunshot wound.) Although I believe I can safely rule out Rollins leaving due to some terrible tragedy, the options are currently virtually endless. Even while I’m sorry that Rollins’s time is running out, I’m not as concerned about it as I was previously because she’s already experienced the tragedy of her season.


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