Why Did Fans believe Pamela Blake May Leave ‘Chicago Med’?

After months of waiting, Chicago Med fans may now finally be able to exhale. The eighth season will soon air on NBC. As of September 21, 2022, the acclaimed medical drama will resume its broadcast. It’s no secret that Chicago Med, the largest hospital in the area, has seen plenty of outstanding medical professionals come and depart throughout the years. Early in Season 7 Dr. Pamela Blake, played by Sarah Rafferty, became a fan favorite and remained so for the duration of the season.

Because of this, Season 7’s final episode made viewers feel bad for Dr. Blake’s situation. Some viewers have questioned whether Dr. Blake has permanently hung up her white coat after the Season 8 debut and the ongoing concern about her health. Has Dr. Pamela Blake left Chicago Medical? Here is all we currently know about it. Unfortunately, I must inform you that despite her brief appearance in Chicago Med’s Season 8 debut, it is quite unlikely that Dr. Pamela Blake will return for the remainder of the season. All of this can be traced back to her Season 7 finale, which was regrettably the starting point for everything. Dr. Blake had to go through the challenging procedure.

Dominic Rains, who plays Dr. Blake’s dependable friend, was forced to choose between risking his life to assist the transplant surgeon in regaining use of her hands or the other way around. Dr. Marcel ultimately decided on the latter, even if it required some sacrifice. In the course of the series finale, it became clear that Dr. Blake had suffered a stroke, which had left her without the ability to use her hands. In other words, Dr. Blake’s future as a transplant surgeon was now in doubt. Additionally, the protracted recovery period that follows a stroke will have a severe impact on Dr. Blake’s career at Chicago Medicine.

Oddly enough, Diane did make it known that Dr. Blake’s future return to Chicago Med is not completely off the table. Dr. Blake’s primary goal for the upcoming season, according to the showrunner, will be to regain her motor skills through therapy. In addition, Dr. Blake’s survival gives room for a potential comeback. If the figure is still alive, “returns are conceivable and usual,” Diane told the media. Dr. Blake’s complete involvement in upcoming seasons would be advantageous to the audience.

source: https://www.wikiasks.com

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