Why woman harassed and attack a man at Illinois Beach, and what the Court is Saying.

Irene Donoshaytis, 65, went to court on Wednesday for her altercation with Otis Campbell at Illinois’s Winnetka Beach.

Even though it is a public beach and no permission is necessary to utilize the area, Donoshaytis was caught on camera demanding that Campbell deliver to her a pass.

In the video, the guy records Donoshaytis telling dispatchers that she punched Campbell twice because she felt scared by him because of his race.

Donoshaytis can be heard telling Campbell that the man is planning to kill her on the footage.

The question, “Why would I try to murder you?” As expected, he gave a reply. Why me? Is it because I’m Black?

Campbell said he was on a stroll with friends when the lady assaulted him, but he is pleased that the legal system was able to bring her to justice.

I think “This is the rule of law taking the wheel.” … he made some remarks. “It has zero bearing on my evaluation of her.”

On Wednesday, at a court hearing, a judge ordered $1,000 in cash bail for Donoshaytis. To avoid further trouble, she was told to hand up her passport and stay away from any potential witnesses or victims.

On September 23rd, she must appear in court again.

After posting bond and rushing to her husband’s waiting car, Donoshaytis refused to answer any questions and drove away from the courthouse on a criminal charge.

Attorney Jeff Fagain maintained that his client, Donoshaytis, was not a racist, despite the allegations that he was.

“The allegation that she’s a racist is absolutely ludicrous,” Fagan declared. I think she’s being unfairly singled out. As far as I can tell, there has been some sort of misunderstanding here.

Source: Wikiasks.com

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