What people are saying about the Space Force Song “Semper Supra”

Lyrics of the Space Force’s theme song, Semper Supra, describe the force as the “mighty vigilant eye” and “the unseen front line” to a bouncy musical medley.

In 2019, under former President Trump, the United States established Space Force as its newest military service branch.

Mr. Trump began using the notion as a standard clap-back at his campaign rallies. After proposing a Space Force that would be “separate but equal” to the Army, Navy, and Air Force, Congress instead decided to fold it into the Air Force.

Since then, it’s inspired everything from a design that’s eerily similar to the Star Trek symbol to a short-lived Netflix comedy series starring Steve Carrel.

However, today the Space Force has an anthem.

Which is not surprising given that each branch of the United States Armed Forces has its own official anthem.

General John ‘Jay’ Raymond, head of space operations, announced it this week at a conference in Maryland.

Its musical composition was composed in part by Sean Nelson, head musician of the United States Coast Guard Band.
I took a chance and tried out what I believed would be the most interesting noises, he said.

Apparently other social media influencers have also have a bite on the song and whereas others are applauding to the tunes others have also resulted into mockery.

Source: Wikiasks.com

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