Susan Menard, dead or alive?What is the Police Saying.

The police reported yesterday that two decaying bodies were discovered in the residence of a former mayor’s residence in Woonsocket ri. The victims were discovered inside the Rhode Island home of Susan Menard, the long serving mayor of Woonsocket, on Monday night.

There is currently no official statement on whether or not Menard was among the bodies discovered there.

According to the authorities, they discovered two elderly people who were both “severely decomposed.””We’re aware that both of these folks, if they’re who we think they are, had medical difficulties that were quite substantial,” Woonsocket Police Chief John Oates told NBC News.

Over a 14-year period, from 1995 to 2009, Menard was the mayor of Woonsocket. Fifteen miles north of Providence is where you’ll find this little city of about forty thousand inhabitants.

There was a heavy stink coming from the residence, according to neighbors, who assumed the remains had been there for weeks.

Neighbor Lorraine Tessler told NBC 10 at the site that, on Monday night, “I haven’t seen them in a while.” A someone asks, “Why hasn’t anyone gone to see whether they’re okay?” Grandchildren? Son? A questioning “What happened?”


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