What is The Meaning of Adam Levine’s Famous Tattoo?

The Maroon 5 vocalist is heavily inked, with designs paying tribute to his California upbringing, his family, his passion for music, and his appreciation of Asian art covering nearly every inch of his body.Levine, who was recently accused of cheating on wife Behati Prinsloo, has multiple tattoos honoring Prinsloo.

Over time, tattoos develop into a peculiar tale or guide. They remind me of the long, strange, and fantastic ride that has been my life,” he told People in 2013.After revealing his enormous collection of body art during his 2019 Super Bowl halftime performance, which went viral, Levine continues to draw attention anytime he reveals a new tattoo.

Levine may be willing to get tattoos all over his body except his face. In December of 2021, the public was shocked when the rock star disclosed he had a rose tattooed near his eye. It turned out, though, that the look was only temporary, created to promote the spirit brand he and Prinsloo own, Calirosa Tequila.

Levine quickly clarified in an Instagram Story that he did not, in fact, have a tattoo on his face, addressing the comment to his mother. I’m far too self-conscious to be inked on my face. I’ll ink the remainder of this, but the face must remain unchanged.

Levine went for broke in March of 2021, when he had his entire left leg inked with black and white Japanese-style waves by tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko. At the time, he described the event as “ouch but worth it” on social media.

Artist Bill Canales spent 13 hours inking waves that stretched from Levine’s right hip to his ankle in August 2021, calling the singer “a true fighter to say the least” because he endured the discomfort to get a matching tattoo on his other leg.

Below are Adam’s tattoo and their meanings and the year it was done.

SIREN: A siren, a mythical monster that is half-human and half-bird and uses her alluring voice to lure unsuspecting sailors to their deaths, is featured in Bryan Randolph’s six-month-long back piece for Levine from 2016. Levine’s character is shown holding a skull in her arms as a spacecraft approaches.

CALIFONIA: Levine is so proud to call California home that he had the state’s name tattooed on his stomach. And on his upper arm, he proudly displays the name of the city where he spent his formative years—Los Angeles.

TIGER: His fondness for “this fantastic book of Tibetan art” served as inspiration for the Tibetan-style tiger at his elbow, he told People.

DOVE: The musician got his first tattoo in 2001, a dove on his left bicep, and has been getting them ever since. “I was 21. Five days had passed since 9/11. I wanted to make a statement with this serene tattoo, he told People in 2013.

TRUE LOVE: In 2017, Levine posted a selfie to Instagram of himself cheekily pinching Prinsloo’s butt while also displaying his newly inked fingers.”it’s worth holding onto,” he said as the photo’s caption.

BUTTERFLY IN A WEB: Above the word “family” that he has on his collarbone is a butterfly caught in a web, which the former “Voice” judge added in 2021.

GUITAR: Possibly needless to mention, the star’s passion for music served as the inspiration for this inking.

YOU’RE SO COOL: It was Hans Zimmer’s song from the 1993 film “True Romance” that inspired Levine and Prinsloo to get matching “you’re so cool” tattoos.

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