What is King Charles III’s Cousin Saying About Meghan Markle?

In an exclusive interview with The Post, a cousin of King Charles III revealed that the British royal family has a long tradition of hazing newcomers, especially ladies who are dating family members, and that only those who are “tough as nails” manage to survive.

Christina Oxenberg, a third cousin three times removed of King Charles III of England, remarked, “What you are going through is a horrific type of hazing.” She was speaking to Meghan Markle. If she can hold out, someone stronger will eventually come along. There are no exemptions.” She went on to say that Kate Middleton was also included.

As the younger sister of actress Catherine Oxenberg, 59-year-old Oxenberg works as a writer and fashion designer. Apparently, their mother, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, was formerly very close to Charles, according to Oxenberg.

Living around the British royal family for most of her childhood, Oxenberg remembered hearing snobbish about the new Princess of Wales.

Prior to their 2011 wedding, the royal family found it humorous that the British press dubbed Middleton “Kate Middle Class” while she was courting Prince William, now heir to the throne, Oxenberg added.The Express claims that Middleton’s parents, Carole and Michael, were referred to by Camilla, the queen consort, as “Meet the Fockers.”

The hazing, according to Oxenberg, has been especially severe for Meghan, who married Prince Harry in 2018. She remarked, “They are tough, tough on foreigners.” If you’re a foreigner, it doesn’t matter what hue your skin is.

Meghan’s treatment by the British press, which is scrutinizing her every move, especially at Queen Elizabeth’s burial on Monday, and by some members of the royal family, she said, is nothing short of “treasonous.”

Oxenberg remarked, “She is Harry’s choice of wife.” They have labeled it a class system by their own standards. They devised that mechanism [by which] you must honor Harry’s decision.


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