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Mark Zuckerberg announced his excitements about his expectation with wife Priscilla Chan.

Next year, the inventor of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his 37-years-old wife, Priscilla Chan, will welcome a baby girl.

Just hours after it was reported that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth had dropped by $71 billion, Zuckerberg announced that he is expecting his third child.

Despite claims that he had wasted billions of dollars in a failed attempt to pivot into the metaverse, the 38-year-old business entrepreneur announced the joyous baby news through Instagram.

In addition to Maxima, six, born in December 2015, and August, five, born in August 2017, Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan already had one son, Max, born in March 2016.

When the couple’s first daughter was born, they wrote a letter and shared it on Facebook to declare that they would be leaving most of their wealth to charity instead of their children.During their lifetimes, the couples have pledged to donate 99 percent of their Facebook shares “to promote this objective,” which they have articulated as “personalized learning,” “healing sickness,” “connecting people,” and “creating great communities.”

In an interview with Gayle King in 2019, Zuckerberg discussed his efforts to ground his children in reality despite the family’s immense wealth.

“How do you bring up kids when you can’t provide them much of anything to help keep them rooted?” When King inquired, Facebook’s creator responded, “Well I believe, first of all, we don’t give them everything.”

“That’s a crucial part, but they also just have obligations,” he said.

Chan elaborated, saying, “They have duties, they have obligations.” We even bring them to the office. Mark and I are taking them both to the office so they can see what we do and how they may help by coming in to volunteer.


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