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Why Prince Philip Didn’t Attend The Queen’s Funeral

The former wife of Prince Andrew was present at the Westminster funeral. On Monday, as the world mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, the royal family gathered together in a show of solidarity. Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of Prince Andrew and mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, was among the 2,000 mourners at Westminster Abbey.

The 62-year-old was spotted sitting behind the Prince and Princess of Wales at the service with her youngest daughter, Beatrice. Sarah’s ties to the royal family remain strong after her divorce from Andrew in 1996. She and her ex-husband have a home in Windsor Great Park’s The Royal Lodge. Because of her close relationship with her late mother-in-law, she was also invited to participate in the ceremonies on Monday. Sarah would still be invited to spend the summer with the Queen at Balmoral, despite the breakup of her marriage.

Sarah’s touching eulogy for the Queen after her passing on September 8th revealed the depth of her love for her. It went something like, “She was the best mother-in-law and best friend anyone could ask for.” “For her kindness in sticking around after my divorce, I shall be eternally thankful. There are no words to describe how much I shall miss her.” Prince Philip died in April of 2021, but Sarah skipped his funeral.

There was a lot of talk about how tense their relationship was at the time. On the other hand, the explanation for her absence was far less complicated. In accordance with COVID-19 regulations, we had to limit attendance. The Queen, who was obviously upset, Sarah’s ex-husband Andrew, and their two daughters made up the small group of thirty mourners. Sarah may have spent the day taking care of her grandchildren, August and Siena.

In a touching nod to her grandfather, Prince Philip, Princess Eugenie gave birth to a baby named August Philip Hawke Brooks bank in February 2021. Sadly, he went dead on April 9, 2021, a mere two months later. On the other hand, Beatrice gave birth to her first child, Sienna, in September of 2021. Her grandmother, Elizabeth, is honored by the choice of her middle name.


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