Who is the Brooklyn Pastor that manhandled woman during church service.

A preacher from Brooklyn was filmed manhandling a lady during his Sunday church service, but  hasn’t been arrested yet.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead heads up the local branch of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in B-Canarsie Town’s neighborhood, where things turned aggressive during a live sermon.

According to sources, what escalated the assault is yet to be disclosed, but speculations indicates that there was a dispute over recording the service which led to a physical confrontation. Literally the entire incident was captured on YouTube.

Bishop Whitehead gets shouted at from the pulpit, so he encourages the crowd to let her record, which leads to him calling her up.

He asks the lady to preach for him, then tells the audience to thank The lord in tongues. When the woman reaches the altar, he appears to force her out of view.

Whitehead alleges he felt threatened, so he literally asked someone to send the woman out, whereas he continued the service supposedly noting happened.  

Whitehead hasn’t been booked or processed for this, and it’s unclear if he will be. If he hasn’t been detained by now, it’s doubtful he will be arrested at all.
According to sources  Whitehead and the alleged victim were transported to a station for investigation. So far, nothing really has arrived from either end.

Whitehead alleges this woman and others were hired to disrupt his service today due to lawsuit he’s involved in. He alleges she threatened his wife and daughter. He claims to have done what he had to do to ensure their safety and has more video to explain. Whitehead claims that the story is distorted.

source: wikiasks.com

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