Can I Give My Dog Tums?

Yes, Tums can given to dogs struggling with stomach upset. This is because Tums reduce excessive stomach acid, and may help some dogs with indigestion and stomach discomfort.

The digestive systems of dogs works differently from that of humans when digesting medications (meaning while it may offer some relief in certain situations, it’s not the most idle or effective option for dogs.).

If your dog is struggling with gastrointestinal issues or indigestion, you can get other over the counter drugs recommended by your dog’s veterinarian other than using Tums. OTC antacids are effective in dogs namely: Omeprazole and Famotidine. You should always get a recommended dose from a veterinarian.

 TUMS may be safe for dogs and can provide relief for an upset tummy or indigestion. TUMS is also used as calcium supplementation in animals with low calcium and as a phosphate binder for dogs with high blood levels of phosphorus, but always have it in mind that there are always better medical options available to grant your dog fast and better results.

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