Can You Plagiarize Yourself?

This is also known as Self-plagiarism. So what is self-plagiarism, one may ask.

Self-plagiarism is defined as, recycling or reusing your own specific words from your own previously published texts. Although it doesn’t cross the line of true theft of other people’s ideas, it’s sometimes frowned on, especially in academia.

Things to consider Before You Do Self-plagiarism.

  • Make sure to use as much of your work if only if it’s going to help you make your point.
  • If your previous work needs to be reused as a build on or as a foundation in contribution to the current work you’re working on.
  • provide a full reference to the original work
  • You need to consider paraphrasing your texts or words.
  • Consider if you really need/have to reuse texts or words from your old work to make a point.

Self-plagiarism sometimes has the same consequences as other types of plagiarism. Make sure to consult your professor or check your school’s policy before attempting self-plagiarism.

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