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Why Did Kanye West Say To Ari Emanuel “God Still Loves You”

A piece by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel titled “Silence is Dangerous” was published in the Financial Times on Thursday. “It facilitates the normalization and dissemination of anti-Semitism and other forms of racism and bigotry. This kind of behavior coarsens and debases our culture and nation.

Ari Emanuel, a powerful person in the entertainment industry, has asked businesses to stop doing business with Kanye West, now known as Ye, after he made a number of anti-Semitic comments this month.

On Thursday, in response to Emanuel’s op-ed, West posted to Instagram, “Ari Emanuel, I lost $2 billion dollars in one day and I’m still alive. Words like these are the stuff of love. Both God and I continue to love you. People, not money, define me. Emanuel is not the first person to condemn West’s anti-Semitic statements.

On Tuesday, Ye’s primary business partner, Adidas, announced that they would no longer be supporting the Yeezy brand. This came to light after a video clip of West, posted in mid-October and since removed, surfaced in which he singled out the company by saying he could “say anti-Semitic things, and Adidas can’t drop me.” So, what?

Following careful consideration, the company has decided to immediately sever ties with Ye, cease production of Yeezy-branded products, and halt all installments to Ye and his companies. The Adidas Yeezy line of products will be discontinued immediately, the company said in a statement.

Emanuel wrote in an op-ed that he would be “happy to help” West get educated on the “history and implications of anti-Semitism and the conspiracy theories he’s parroting,” as well as connect with “religious leaders” (rabbis, Muslim leaders, Christian leaders). But until that time comes, the powerful people he does business with should speak out.


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Why Did WR Kadarius Toney Trade From The Giants?

Toney has been successful in catching 41 passes for a total of 420 yards. The majority of those gains came in a game that took place in 2021 Week 5 against the Cowboys, in which he caught 10 passes for a total of 189 yards. Toney’s career-best performance came to an end when he was ejected from the game late in the rout loss for throwing a punch.

During his brief time in New York, Toney, who had been selected by the Giants in the first round in 2021, encountered more than his fair share of difficulties. Toney, who is 23 years old and has played in just 12 games over the course of his career due to injuries, has not been on the field since Week 2 of this season because of an issue with his hamstring that has persisted since then. Before the 2022 season, Toney had been the subject of trade rumors due to his lackluster performance during his time with the New York Knicks.

In the midst of his second season in the National Football League, Kadarius Toney has found a new team to call home. NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero reported on Thursday that the Kansas City Chiefs will receive a third-round compensatory pick and a sixth-round pick in 2023 as part of a trade that will send a speedy wide receiver from the New York Giants to the Kansas City Chiefs. A source has confirmed that this information is accurate. According to Pelissero, there are no conditions attached to the third-round pick.

The way that Toney moves through space and the way that he looks make him sound like he could be Hill 2.0. Toney needs to get back to full health before we can see how Andy Reid and the rest of his staff use their newest offensive threat. The Chiefs have the right people behind the scenes to help him get there, but we can’t see how they use him until Toney is healthy again.


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Why Did Ivica Zubac’s Random Full-Court Get Connected?

After the game against Oklahoma City was over, Zubac had a game-high seven blocks to his credit. His performance with the Clippers thus far in the new season has been nothing short of spectacular. If his peculiar heave had connected, that streak would have appeared to be in much better shape. Even though this is an anomaly and not representative of the Clippers’ current offensive rating problem — which is the second-worst in the NBA — it is still a peculiar event that took place.

You know the awful feeling you get when you see someone doing something you know they shouldn’t be doing, don’t you? When Ivica Zubac, the center for the Los Angeles Clippers, made the decision to attempt a long-range shot against the Oklahoma City Thunder with more than eight seconds left in the first half, everyone in the arena undoubtedly felt the same way.

It is not cause for alarm if Kawhi Leonard spends the first few games of the season on the bench. It’s a well-known fact that Kawhi Leonard is currently putting the finishing touches on a hip-hop album that “people didn’t realize that they wanted.” Mark Jackson said that the Knicks would have beaten Michael Jordan’s Bulls if they hadn’t traded him for Doc Rivers before the game. Rivers is the current head coach of the Bulls.

Kyrie Irving’s name has been brought up in connection with the Los Angeles Lakers, but “no recognized teams” have expressed interest in a sign-and-trade involving him.
An explanation as to why a spectator was unable to pull themself away from the court during the Clippers vs. Timberwolves game that took place on Friday night

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What Is The Position Of The First Trans Pop Star On USA And UK Charts?

With their single Unholy, Kim Petras and Sam Smith created history by topping the Billboard Hot 100. Unholy is the first song ever by a trans woman and a non-binary musician to reach number one in the US and the UK, making it a historic accomplishment for both artists (Unholy just celebrated its fourth week at number one in Britain). We’ve all known Sam Smith for years, but Kim Petras might have slipped your notice if you don’t keep an eye on the music industry. You may find out anything you ever wanted to know about Kim Petras’ identity and professional history right here!

Since Kim Petras went to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue her dream of becoming a pop star, she picked up the local accent and you could not even realize that she is originally from Germany. Kim Petras made news throughout the world prior to her musical career when she was apparently the youngest person to undergo sex reassignment surgery. She was even interviewed by Phillip Schofield on This Morning in 2009.

She has always wanted to be a famous singer, and she has been actively pursuing that ambition since since she was a young girl. When asked how she felt after making the transition at such a young age, Kim Petras replied, “I have always felt like a woman; I just ended up in the wrong body.” Her parents have always been completely on board with her gender exploration, as they should be with any youngster.

Kim tweeted, “It’s ok if u want to listen to the leaks… the album leaked in its entirety, so feel free to listen to it if you want to get a sense of how horrible things must be.” I’m screwed because I can’t release any new music anyway. After hearing the entire record, I can confidently say that Republic Records has robbed their customers.

The record-breaking success of Unholy featuring Sam Smith has turned the tables, however, and Kim is once again riding high. The fact that her single reached number one in both the United Kingdom and the United States is absolutely ridiculous and should convince her record label that she is a bona fide superstar. Her upcoming single is available for preorder now. Jesus Christ is Totally Awesome.



Why Did Balenciaga Cut Ties With Kanye West?

Balenciaga has officially cut ties with West.

After the rapper’s anti-Semitic rants and defense of his “White Lives Matter” T-shirts, the French fashion brand announced on Friday that it had broken ties with the artist. “Balenciaga has no longer any contact and no intentions for future ventures relating to this artist,” parent firm Kering told WWD.

West and Balenciaga’s current creative director, Demna Gvasalia, go way back. They worked together on the Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga collections.

These two have worked together before on projects like the “Donda 2” listening parties and designing Kim Kardashian’s masked 2021 Met Gala costume. West severed ties with Gap last month, just before his contentious Yeezy Season 9 fashion presentation in Paris, where he debuted the “WLM” tees that quickly caused controversy.

Ye made his catwalk debut at Balenciaga just one day before he was scheduled to exhibit his collection for Yeezy, and he opened the show wearing military garb. While the company has spoken out against West, his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, has yet to comment; Kardashian, who founded Skims, has starred in advertising campaigns for the company and wears Gvasalia’s designs almost exclusively on red carpets.

It was clear that tensions were rising between Balenciaga and West even before Friday’s news, when Vogue and Balenciaga took down a photo of West on their runways and the retailer Gap deleted items from West’s Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga collaboration.

Ye’s disrespectful behavior has already resulted in a number of consequences, and this is only the most recent one. His 10-year deal with Adidas is also “under review.”


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Why Did A Kenyan Police Kill A Pakistani Journalist?

Police in Kenya announced on Monday that they shot and killed a top Pakistani journalist who had been living in hiding in the country after his car rushed through a roadblock. Kenyan law enforcement has apologized for the incident, explaining that it resulted from a “mistaken identification” when officers were searching for a similar vehicle linked to a child abduction.

The 50-year-old Arshad Sharif fled Pakistan in July to escape prosecution for criticizing the country’s powerful military. Despite Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s repeated assertions that he supports press freedom, he was also a critic of the administration. Officers gave them multiple warnings to slow down, but the two continued to speed. When asked by authorities, “they did not halt and continued the journey,” the suspects gave a standard response. When police began firing and giving chase, the automobile flipped.

Dozens of journalists demonstrated in Islamabad later on Monday to protest Sharif’s murder and to call for his immediate and fair trial. Likewise, the Kenyan police department released a statement expressing their sorrow and sympathy to the journalist’s loved ones. For a very long time, Pakistan was a dangerous place for journalists. On the Committee to Protect Journalists’ annual Global Impunity Index, which ranks nations where journalists are frequently slain and the attackers go free, it was ranked ninth in 2020.


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Why Did Russell Westbrook’s Shoot Selection vs. Blazers?

After the game, when LeBron James showed signs of frustration over Westbrook’s choice, he was asked about his thoughts on going for a two-for-one possession in such a situation. He claimed, however, that the media was baiting him into criticizing a teammate. On Sunday, with the Lakers holding a one-point lead over the Trail Blazers and 30 seconds remaining in the game, Russell Westbrook took an uncontested midrange jump shot in an effort to give his team an additional possession.

As a result of his miss, Los Angeles fell to 0-3 to start the season while Damian Lillard of Portland hit the game-winning three-pointer. It seems like this interview is trying to get me to say something, James remarked. Clearly, you all fall into the “Russell Westbrook” demographic. James acknowledged the Blazers’ effort and stated he detested defeat in any form, but it was evident he perceived an invitation to criticize Westbrook.

“You guys can publish about Russ and all the stuff you people want to try to discuss about Russ,” James went on to say. Yet I have no intention of doing so at this juncture. It’s not something I’m willing to do. I can’t stress that enough. No, that’s not me… This is not who I am. James scored 31 points, grabbed eight boards, and dished out eight assists, while Westbrook scored 10 points on 4-for-15 shooting in a 106-104 loss.


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What Is House Of The Dragon Season 2 About?

According to Condal, the plot of the first season moved at a glacial pace on purpose so that viewers would have time to get to know and care about the characters. Actually, I think the show rushed through events by skipping ahead in time too often, but I’m getting off topic. We shall go to the spectacle,” Condal promises. But before you toss them into battle, you must comprehend the complexity of these people.

“Series two will approach the rhythms people come to expect from the middle run of Game of Thrones,” says Condal, referencing the middle several seasons of that show, which many would argue were the best. Despite the show’s heavy subject matter, Condal promises that they will find “natural paths into moments of laughter” even without Tyrion. But he does say that Matt Smith is entertaining and that Daemon has potential as a comedy vehicle. Consider the case of a man severing the head off of another man. He can hold his tongue is a fairly solid comedic one-liner.

The question that remains unanswered is whether House of the Dragon will conclude the source material in its final season or if there are intentions to continue the series on a greater scale. The concept of expanding this into a Targaryen anthology series, covering other time periods both in the history and future of the house, beyond Fire and Blood and the Dance of Dragons, was once discussed. Since we’ve seen nothing, expect more wars and fatalities. Season two is delayed until spring 2023.

However, that would necessitate a complete reimagining and, in many respects, a new beginning. To finish the present plot arc with the current cast would require at least three more seasons, but that is just a guess. Of course, a half-dozen more prequels and spin-offs of Game of Thrones are also in production today, and more of them will arrive in the coming years.

There has been no announcement regarding Season 2. Production is scheduled to begin in late 2022, and given that it is now…pretty nearly late 2022, we should expect filming to begin shortly. Barring another pandemic, production should resume at a normal pace, with the best estimate placing the wait for a new season at around a year and a half, as is typically the case with this sort of event, with more on exact dates to come. Dates. We can calculate since filming starts later this year. 2021 saw Season 1.

If filming starts in December 2022 and ends in December 2023, 15 months later is March 2024, meaning no House of the Dragon in 2023 and more toward spring or summer 2024, depending on production duration. Filming may start next year. Yesterday’s season break announcement (spoilers follow). Killing Rhaenyra’s son and dragon makes Aemond the Black Queen. War begins. Hightowers own the biggest dragon. Daemon’s dragon control.


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How Will Rishi Sunak Become UK Prime Minister?

Sunak is the first person of color to hold the office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In addition to becoming the first person of Asian origin to hold this position, Sunak is also the first person of color to hold this position. And considering the age of the leader who came before him was approximately 200 years older, his age of 42 makes him the youngest person ever to hold the position of Prime Minister.

To say that Sunak’s journey to political prominence in Britain has been nothing short of spectacular would be a gross understatement. Sunak’s rise has been nothing short of extraordinary. After spending a significant portion of his life working in banking, he was elected to Parliament in 2015. Less than half a year later, Boris Johnson appointed him to the position of finance minister, which is more formally known as chancellor of the Exchequer. Prior to his election, he worked in the banking industry for a significant portion of his life.

In the most recent election for the leadership of the United Kingdom, this candidate, who is considered to be moderate and pragmatic, has emerged as the undisputed front-runner. This comes as a result of Liz Truss’s radical proposals for tax cuts and expenditure cuts, which have shaken the trust of the government and spooked market participants.

Theresa May may be succeeded as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by Rishi Sunak, who has a good chance of winning the election. This is as a result of the fact that the two main candidates who were considered his competitors in the race to succeed Theresa May as the leader of the Conservative Party both withdrew from the race prior to the first ballot being cast. This allowed him to win the race and become the new leader of the Conservative Party.


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What is The Real Truth Behind Travis Scot Cheating Rumor?

Travis Scott called to deny that he was seen with Rojean Kar, a woman who had been linked to him before his romance with Kylie Jenner. Rapper addressed the “strange s-t” late on Saturday via his Instagram Story in response to the Instagram model’s purported proof that they were recently on the same set of one of his works.

I was directing a video and someone was taking pictures without permission, he said. No, I’m not familiar with this individual. I have never dated this individual before. Later, Scott (then 31) appears to have requested Kar (then 27) to “stop with the continuous computer games and the false narrative telling. Even before the musician started dating Jenner, 25, with whom he shares two children, they were supposedly linked in 2013.

Internet detective work over the years has uncovered hints that suggest Scott and Kar never severed all relations. The model called the rumors that she played a role in his 2019 temporary break from Jenner “a false narrative.”

Then, just recently, Kar shared an Instagram Story video in which she appears to be the director of a music video shoot. Scott was a blurry presence in the backdrop. “I’m directing obviously,” she proclaimed at the top of the video.

Scott, possibly unwittingly, seemed to back up the aforementioned scenario when he shared his own photo from the same shoot. He initially disputed Kar’s accusation and that he even knew who she was, but the model afterwards re-posted his statement and responded with a string of suspicious videos.

I can guarantee you this: “We will not, under any circumstances, lie to me. She later admitted that she had “pretended not to know you,” agreeing to “any f-king narrative,” regardless of how much nonsense she could have gleaned from it.

When everyone has seen you with me, when I have pictures and videos of you with me, how can you claim that you don’t know me and that you’ve never been with me? Get real. I implore you, sir, to proceed.

Kar claimed that she “was invited to the video shoot,” without specifying who had extended the invitation. She also claimed that she “had never taken a sneak picture in [her] f-king life.” Should I have put that up there? No. Can you describe the messiness? That’s right,” she finally said.

The model claimed she was with Scott on Valentine’s Day, stating, “I bolted out the f–king door, and you had every single female I knew blowing me up like, ‘Travis is asking for you. Return. Are we denying that too?”

“You cheat on that girl every f–king night,” she said. The city knows! Don’t.” Kar reiterated her denial that she was the “mistress” from “a few years ago,” saying she was not “the reason that anything transpired between [Scott and Jenner].”

“But nothing he’s saying right now is true,” she said.“All this stuff is silly, the internet doesn’t matter and I hope you guys simply remember that none of it is the real world,” Kar said. “The only person the internet is real world for is Ms. Jenner because that’s how she f–king eats.”

Scott shared (and removed) a photo of a dining room table prepared for a meal and decorated with flowers on Feb. 14 at 8:09 p.m. on Sunday in response to Kar’s Valentine’s Day claim.

“If u wasn’t at this table on V day then u wasn’t with me,” he commented over the image, hinting he spent the evening with Jenner alone.

Kar then posted texts claiming she and the rapper attended the same event later that night.

“Maybe your brain is all jumbled from like all the Molly you take.. but you was at Gunna’s party on Feb 14th aka Valentine’s Day,” she wrote, adding that she “had 10 missed call[s] from [Scott’s] buddies… [as] soon as [she] left.”

Scott posted and deleted a message from a lady who stated she had “been working with travis for 8 years” and “was on set all day as he was directing a video for another artist.”She said Kar “was not there with him” and was “delusional.”He never fcks her. “Nothing else,” the woman concluded.


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